Month: January, 2016

Just After

31 January Sunday I am just after putting that in the oven. I am just after getting that up on the screen. I am just after visiting my grandmother in hospital. I am still unable to use the word After like this.  And I am not fully able to understand the function of the After […]


21 January Thursday Tomorrow is the last day for the SuperValu in town. It is closing down for good. It has been closing down for several weeks now. Each time I have been in there were fewer and fewer things on the shelves. Then there were fewer and fewer shelves.  The top shelves were removed […]

A Good Grubber

14 January Thursday Is He A Good Grubber?  This was the question I overheard the pharmacist ask to find out if someone who was not well was taking his food in a normal and robust way.   13 January Wednesday There was a hard frost last night. Everything is white this morning.  The roof of […]

Open this Saturday?

10 January Sunday We can hardly believe this bright light.  It seems like ages since we have seen such sun.  No doubt there has been sun here and there in recent weeks but it has been moments not hours.  We are unable to remember it because there was so much grey. Today is that wintery kind of crisp […]