Month: June, 2016

The recipe for the elderflower cordial, as requested

20 June Monday. The Longest Day. Full Moon. Lashing Rain. ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL 20 large elderflower blossoms (Best gathered in the sunshine, as if they are collected on an overcast day, your cordial may taste like cat pee.  I have never checked to see if this is true but I am not willing to take the chance.) 4 lb. […]

Not oats.

15 June Wednesday Rain. Hail. Thunder. Sun. Rain. Hail. Thunder. Sun. The weather is completely exciting.  We just do not know what will happen next. The order changes but it all keeps happening. 14 June Tuesday There is a strange sort of kindness built into life here.  People seem eager to tell you the thing […]

a Relic

10 June Friday We woke to the sound of rain.  It is at least three weeks since we have had any rain at all.  Maybe it has even been longer.  To live in this hot summery world has been wonderful but in the last week there has been increased grumblings about the need for rain. […]

When the animals bar my way

2 June Thursday When the animals bar my way, I turn off the engine and wait.  If I am not in a car but I am walking I hop up on a gate to be out of the way. It is silly to get impatient. Today there was a great waving of arms by the […]