Month: May, 2017

A Small Hospital

29 May Monday Sign on tree: PHOTOS OF BIRDS OF PREY 5 EUROS EACH   27 May Saturday The rain was torrential and wild. All night it lashed down. It rained from all directions. We were reminded yet again about the leak in the bathroom.  Roads were flooded as we drove to Cahir. The farmers […]

The Coptic Pope

23 May Tuesday The young man was shouting over the road at someone who was walking away from him. He cursed and swore. His language got more and more obscene the further the first man went from him. A woman who came out of the shop in the middle of his rant announced. “Now there’s […]

Last bluebells. High banking. Knockmealdowns.

12 May Friday Two women were discussing a man.  I did not know the women and I did not know the man they were speaking about. One of the women said, “He’s been single for a while now so he has. There is no reason for it, as he’s good enough to look at.” 11 […]


2 May Tuesday The sun has arrived after the big rain and after so many days or weeks of grey heavy skies. Already I cannot remember anything but this brightness.  It is clear. Everything looks cheerful. The sun did not set until nine last night. When the days are grey it is hard to know […]