some words for living locally

Erica Van Horn

Month: July, 2017

Aut Even

30 July Sunday Aut Even means Beautiful Place in Irish. It is the name of a hospital in Kilkenny. I must go there for my cataract operation on Monday. One eye at a time. First the Right eye. Four weeks later they will do the Left eye. Breda assured me that I will be the […]

A Fine Big Lump of a Lad.

  13 July Thursday From a distance there is a blue haze on the grass roof of the shed. The tall blue flowers growing there are not cornflowers. That was my first thought but this is not a flower I recognize. It is not easy to get close enough to see it and with my […]

I Call It Lunch.

7 July Friday I never know if hanging up a dead crow is meant to be a warning to other crows or if it is just a proud show-off moment for the killer of the crow.   6 July Thursday The small sign advertising HONEY FOR SALE is wrapped up with a black plastic bag […]