After eight years of being written on the Coracle website, www.coracle.ie this journal became impossibly cumbersome. I was spending more time moving it back and forth than I was with the writing of it. From its beginning in 2007, the exercise has been to describe my life in rural Ireland. I do not make any claim that this life is the life of anyone else here. I simply note the things that I observe and learn in a quiet place where perhaps not very much happens. I will always be an outsider looking in, but I like to think that just by sticking around, I am at least Local Enough. Changing the journal into this blog format (August 2014) was a slow job. I am pleased that it is all working now. I am pleased to get back to walking and listening. For those who prefer their reading on paper, the first five years of these written entries have been edited into a book Living Locally published by Uniformbooks in 2014.